Newsweek crowns Kris Kobach 'America's Deporter In Chief'


Kris Kobach's national profile is about to grow.
  • Kris Kobach's national profile is about to grow.

Locally, everybody knows Kris Kobach. He's the granite-jawed savior of states struggling with large illegal-immigration populations that the federal government is too sheepish or ham-fisted to properly handle. Or he's the evil, scheming, nativist brown-people hater fixated on getting damnable aliens out of America's backyard. Whatever you think of him, you know who he is.

Nationally, however, Kobach isn't quite a household name. Folks in Chicago and Bangor probably aren't discussing Kobach's "papers, please" philosophy and shadowboxing with Kansas' nonexistent voter-fraud problems. But thanks to a solid profile in Newsweek, Kobach might be ready to make the jump to national anti-illegal celebrity. Maybe his handprints will be immortalized on the sidewalk outside FAIR's headquarters.

The piece dubs Kobach as "America's Deporter in Chief" and

describes him this way:

[A] Kansas-raised former law

professor who has emerged as the intellectual architect of the right's

fight against illegal immigration. The 44-year-old has authored, aided,

or officially defended almost every controversial stance in the country,

beginning with his work as chief immigration adviser in John Ashcroft's

Justice Department.

And the magazine predicts, or

warns, depending on your opinion, that "This year may be Kobach's most

influential yet." Scribe Tony Dokoupil's reasoning behind the

prediction is sound. He notes that Kobach is gearing up for a one-man

war against illegal-immigrant-friendly legislation while also defending

the numerous laws he's written that are under assault in courts. Oh,

yeah, and doing his pesky day job as Kansas secretary of state.


does his best work while describing Kobach's calculated

Harvard-to-Oxford-to-Yale-to-power rise to prominence. "His path to

public life is so pedigreed, it makes John Kerry seem

rough-hewn," he writes. Nice. He goes on to outline the classic

pro-Kobach and anti-Kobach. The Southern Poverty Law Center gets a

couple of jabs in (Kobach's running a "legal jihad"). Kobach

lands a couple of sturdy sound bites ("American sovereignty is at

stake"). And it's noted that certain legal experts think he's quite the

gifted litigator.

Overall, it's nothing new to those of us who live in close proximity to Kobach, but it's an excellent primer for the

nation. The piece did dig up one fact about Kobach that I hadn't heard.

He apparently won two rowing titles in the double scull rowing.

It's true, the man is infinitely interesting.

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