Kris Kobach reveals his plan to redefine an illegal-loving Constitution


Kris Kobach wants to create fewer Americans.
  • Kris Kobach wants to create fewer Americans.

Last night in Washington, D.C., Kris Kobach and his cadre of lawmaking Republicans unveiled their master plan for an Illegal-Free America. They said they were launching an effort to deny citizenship to kids born in this country to undocumented parents.

Their argument is that the 14th Amendment should only apply to children who have at least one parent who is a permanent resident or citizen, not to everyone born in the United States, as it's presently worded.

Kobach told the Washington Post the plan: First, resurrect the concept of "state citizenship." Then deny it to the descendants of illegals.

Kobach said that in addition to creating state citizenship, the plan calls for segregated birth certificates. They plan to draw up a state compact, a measure that needs to be approved by Congress, not the president, in order to become enforceable. The compact would call for separate birth certificates for children with "state citizenship" and those without, allowing for status-at-a-glance.

Civil rights groups are calling the move racist against Latino immigrants, and they say there's

already an established precedent in place when it comes to the 14th

Amendment. (When the Constitution said everyone born in the United

States was a citizen of the United States, the Supreme Court found that it wasn't joking


But Kobach knows that there's a clause in the Constitution somewhere, damn it, written in Magic Ink, that says "except for illegals."

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