Thomas Drummond beats drunken driving rap with drunk-to-stay-warm defense


Keep a bottle of this in your car ... just in case you go in the ditch.
  • Keep a bottle of this in your car ... just in case you go in the ditch.

Thomas Drummond is here to teach us all a lesson in winter weather preparedness. Drummond beat a drunken driving charge by claiming he got lit up to stay warm.

Drummond was acquitted after testifying that he started drinking after -- not before -- he drove into a culvert, according to the Southeast Missourian. We all know how cold culverts can be in February.

Lucky for Drummond, he had his trusty bottle of brandy to keep him company while he waited for more than two hours for emergency workers.

Here's the story according to Drummond's testimony (via the Missourian):

Drummond told the court he had been out with friends in Cape Girardeau the night of the accident and decided to take a different route home due to bad weather. While navigating icy roads, Drummond testified, he missed a turn, attempted to turn around and drove into a culvert near Route Y and Cape Girardeau County Road 621. Drummond said he wasn't intoxicated when he drove into the culvert but was when emergency workers and authorities arrived.

Drummond sent his girlfriend a text message around 2 a.m., telling her he'd slid into a ditch on a country road and his cell phone battery was dying. Drummond was unresponsive when authorities arrived hours later. Given a breath test, he blew 0.148 percent. He was definitely warm.

Excuse me while I add a bottle of brandy to the emergency weather kit in my car.

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