Iliza Shlesinger, a fashion report, Christmas trees and World AIDS Day can occupy you this week


Iliza Shlesinger: Not as innocent as she looks.
  • Iliza Shlesinger: Not as innocent as she looks.

Today: Get a Christmas tree that's already decorated. The 24th Annual Lawrence Festival of Trees kicks off at Liberty Hall. The show and auction includes trees and wreaths that have already been gussied up.

Discuss elements of style with local clothes whores during the Fashion Group International Trend Event, a networking event for fashionistas and a general de-briefing on what was hot in 2010.

Wednesday: Reality for people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS has come a long way since the days of families lying in obituaries and fears of the disease spreading via toilet seats or mosquito bites. But in spite of social and medical advancements, the disease continues to rage and kill. Support local efforts on behalf of local HIV/AIDS patients by attending the World AIDS Day Reception at Union Station.

Thursday: She might pantomime animal sex or share useful observations about everyday life (example: dudes don't mind taking a punch from a hot chick). She will definitely make you laugh. Catch the sexy and slightly neurotic funny girl Iliza Shlesinger at Stanford's Comedy Club through Sunday.

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