Kris Kobach loses to illegal immigrants in California Supreme Court


Kobach got schooled by the California Supreme Court.
  • Kobach got schooled by the California Supreme Court.

California illegal immigrants: 1, Kris Kobach: 0

Kobach lost his latest effort to tighten up immigration laws around the country on Monday, when the California Supreme Court upheld a

state law that allows anybody -- including illegal immigrants -- who

attended three years of high school in the state to pay significantly reduced

tuition at state universities.

The Kansas Secretary of State-elect had been fighting the law on behalf of 42 people from outside of California who claimed that the law gave the undocumented students an advantage over legal students. That would be a violation of federal law.

The court decided that it doesn't give anybody an leg-up, because all

the law says is that the student has to spend three years in a state

high school, not live there.

See, any of the 42 crybabies who bought

their UCLA hoodies before scoping out tuition could have received the

discount had they just, you know, gone to boarding school or lived

independently in the Golden State during high school. It makes perfect

sense, people.

Kobach, not surprisingly, wasn't pleased by the decision, calling it a

"very weak opinion,"

and vowed to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case. That should be a good show.

Philosophical discussions aside, this has to be the deal of the

century for students that, legally speaking, shouldn't be in the state. It's not

cheap at $11,300 per year, but, hey, it's a steal compared to the

poor saps from North Dakota or Colorado that fork over $34,000 a year to get an education in California. 

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