This Halloween, Environment Missouri wants you to fear... water!


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You can always count on advocacy groups to issue bummer press releases the week of Halloween that start off like, "You think ghosts and goblins are scary? Well, have you ever thought about the chemicals that are sprayed on your broccoli?"

Environment Missouri knows what time it is, so it's posted a list of the Top Ten Frightening Facts About the Missouri River on its website. Some of those frightening facts are reminiscent of our feature story with the poop monster on the cover. (Which gives me an excuse to post his picture again!)

Some of the highlights (i.e. grossest details) from Environment Missouri's list:

  • In 2007, over 11,000 pounds of pollution was dumped into the Missouri River within this state alone, according to the EPA.
  • That same year, Bayer CropScience shat 342 pounds of cancer-causing chemicals into the Missouri River.
  • More than 2.5 million Missourians get their tap water from stream-fed sources that may no longer be protected by the Clean Water Act. Think your Brita filter is tough enough?
  • Last year, Tyson Fresh Meats was fined $2 million for pumping steaming, frothy hog and cattle waste into the Missouri River upstream from Missouri's borders.

Environment Missouri is tormenting us with these thirst-quenching facts in order to underline the importance of its latest mission: to reverse two Supreme Court decisions that punched industry-favorable loopholes in the Clean Water Act. Check out this page to read about the specifics and take action. Then, go back to your regularly scheduled Halloween weekend, for the poop monster's sake.


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