Josh Hoffine's photos prove some Kansas Citians can be intentionally scary



Hopefully we all honor the specter of Halloween this weekend, but there are a few special souls like photographer Josh Hoffine who keep a jack-o-lantern lit in their hearts all year round, and who's featured in this month's issue of Fangoria magazine.

It's like being in the New Yorker except in their magazine Freddy Krueger is a far more important artist than Irwin Shaw.

For a long time now, Hoffine's been convincing friends and family members to model for him in his horror photography. He's hoping to put out a book of his collected images in the near future.

For a relatively under-the-radar artist in KC, Hoffine's work has gotten a lot of attention abroad. Besides stateside recognition in magazines like Fangoria and Rue Morgue, he's also been written up in Playboy's Russian edition, ABC Australia, and the London Times.

"At the peak I think it was because I use children in my work a lot, and that bothered people," he says. "I think some people thought there was a legitimate threat to the kids, which is of course not the case, but they didn't know looking at the pictures."

Many of Hoffine's shoots feature kids -- usually relatives -- in what can kindly be described as bad situations. In one, a crying baby crawls around the floor of a nursery while a 12-foot snake opens its mouth just wide enough to accept a newborn.

"It's funny because I used to work at Hallmark, and I had a big wedding photography business," he says. "Now if people Google me they see the horror pictures so I have to set up my wedding bookings through someone else. I'm a silent partner."

Personally, I'd love it if Hoffine shot my wedding, provided he brought along enough karo syrup to douse the entire wedding party.

Check out his website for a gallery of Hoffine's work.

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