UFOs coming to protest south Kansas City's new nuclear weapons plant. It's a trap!


These guys don't want us building nuclear weapons. Do you trust 'em?
  • These guys don't want us building nuclear weapons. Do you trust 'em?

A nuclear weapons plant being built in south Kansas City could be seeing protests from more than the no nukes crowd. Alien watchers claim extraterrestrials could be visiting Kansas City more regularly once the plant is built.

Fox 4 is working to bring you the kooky story on the heels of seven former U.S. Air Force officers claiming they spotted UFOs hovering above nuclear missile silos and storage facilities in the '60s, '70s and '80s. Local UFO spotters are claiming more "credibility" but they sound far too trusting of the aliens.

Take MUFON member Richard Hayde, who thinks we'll be seeing more

strange objects in the sky.

"They may have plans for a visit," Hayde told Fox 4.

But why Richard? To warn us of the dangers of nuclear weapons, of

course, he


"We should love our planet and not destroy it and each other in the

process," Hayde told Fox 4.

Fools! The aliens don't want us building nukes because they fear our

weaponry. Remember what happened when Lisa Simpson wished for

world peace in The Simpsons' "Treehouse

of Horrors II"? The aliens came "in the spirit of hostility and

menace" and enslaved us. And how did were they defeated? With a board

with a nail.

So we need the nukes. Or else we'll be fighting with boards with nails.

And of course, to paraphrase the alien in The Simpsons, it won't

stop there. We'll build bigger boards and a bigger nails and soon a

board with a nail so big will be built that it will destroy us all.

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