Jason Whitlock's big, fat 'Explanation' to air at 3 p.m. today


This man is more than a handful.
  • This man is more than a handful.

"The Explanation," an interview with Jason Whitlock on his departure from his job as a columnist for The Kansas City Star, will air at 3 p.m. today, on both 610 Sports with drive-time radio host Nick Wright, and on Time Warner Cable's Metro Sports.

Since the rotund raconteur's extended vacation from the Star turned into a permanent one -- i.e., since last Tuesday -- Whitlock's been teasing "The Explanation" via his Twitter page. 610's Wright ultimately won the right to host today's LeBronsian broadcast. "The list of his demands is great," Wright tells The Pitch.

"This is what he wants: one hour where he gets to talk without commercial

interruptions, one hour where I interview him, one hour where we take phone

calls, he wants it live on TV, and we have to provide Gates to cater it,

with a maximum tab of $300," Wright says. "Those were his five demands,

and we agreed to all of them."

Three hours of Whitlock eating this?
  • Three hours of Whitlock eating this?
An hour commercial-free and $300 of barbecue? Isn't that awfully pricey? "Oh, it'll be well, well worth it," says Wright, who helped negotiate the deal with Whitlock and Scott Cruce. Cruce was the producer of the afternoon radio show that "Big Sexy" formerly hosted on 610's rival station, WHB Sports Radio 810, Wright says.

The bigwigs at WHB also agreed to Whitlock's demands but were turned down, Wright says.

"They're acting now like they didn't, but they did," Wright says. "Jason says they did."

So, what's Wright's most burning question? He thinks a long moment, then says, "Why

do you keep quitting so many jobs, man? It's a recession, don't you know


Whew. And you thought Jim Gray threw some softballs. Never fear: If Wright goes too easy on the big guy, the callers will make up for it during hour three.

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