Why won't ESPN The Magazine release the Dwayne Bowe tapes? Because he named names


ESPN The Magazine is protecting Dwayne Bowe from saying too much.
  • ESPN The Magazine is protecting Dwayne Bowe from saying too much.

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe and ESPN The Magazine are deadlocked and neither is budging. ESPN stands by its interview with Bowe in which he

claimed his teammates used social networking to import NFL groupies

while on the road.

Bowe claims he was misquoted (but he's also claimed the interview never happened). How he could be misquoted in an interview that didn't take place, well, you'll have to ask him. 

ESPN The Magazine's editor told me that he has a tape of the interview, and he'd be happy to play it for Bowe. But why is he sitting on the audio. There's a really good reason: Bowe named names.

Sports By Brooks posted

a letter from ESPN The Magazine editor Gary Belsky

in response to Bowe's latest claim of being misquoted. Here's the key


Despite his persistence in denying having made


comments -- unfairly damaging the reputation of one of our best writers --


have consistently avoided releasing the audio from his interview to

spare him and others further embarrassment, specifically because

the on the recording he offers more lurid details than we published and

because he named several teammates as having participated in the

off-hours activity in question.

Lucky for those players

-- and Bowe -- ESPN isn't budging. But here's what ESPN should

do. Edit out the names, release the audio and let Bowe try to explain his way out.

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