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Hey, everyone--

In a few weeks, we'll start throwing parties and probably getting all nostalgic as The Pitch marks a significant anniversary: In July, the paper turns 30.

Myself, I'm quite a bit beyond that. And I'm wise enough to know when it's time to hand the baton to someone new. I've been editor of The Pitch for a decade now; before taking this job in 2000, I spent most of the '90s writing and editing for earlier incarnations of The Pitch and its competitors. It's time for me to do something else - and it's time for me to see what someone else can do with The Pitch.

It's been a privilege to help tell this city's stories for the past twenty years. Even when Kansas Citians are at their worst, they're still pretty entertaining -- and when they're at their best, they make their city and their world a better place for everyone. I am profoundly grateful for the experiences I've had at The Pitch, for the people in this city who continually open up to us about their lives, and for my extraordinarily gifted co-workers.

I'll be here for a few more weeks, and then I'll start to work as Director of Communications at the University of Kansas Medical Center. That's not so much of a stretch -- regular readers know that I've devoted much of my own reporting over the last year to issues involving public policy and health care. My new job will allow me to focus those efforts.

And it will give me a new perspective on something I've always been, and will always be: a loyal reader of The Pitch.

Thanks to everyone who's read the paper all of these years and sent feedback, positive or negative. Fans and critics: Now's your chance to apply for the job.

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