Will Suarez asks Congressman Dennis Moore to DREAM


Will Suarez wants Dennis Moore to co-sponsor the DREAM Act.
  • Will Suarez wants Dennis Moore to co-sponsor the DREAM Act.

Will Suarez and Sen. Sam Brownback were short-lived friends.

The Peru native and Johnson County Community College student became a fan of Brownback on Facebook and started posting comments on the Republican's wall, calling on the Kansas conservative to support a bill that would allow undocumented students obtain in-state college tuition.

It didn't take long for Suarez to find Brownback's Facebook minion had blocked him.

Suarez hasn't had much luck getting his elected representatives to sit

down with him and talk about the DREAM Act, federal legislation that would make

higher education accessible for undocumented kids, many of whom were

brought into this country before they even knew how to read. When he

traveled to Washington, D.C., last month for an immigration march, Brownback wouldn't give him an

audience. Neither would Sen. Pat


Finally, yesterday, he got face-time with Congressman Dennis Moore.

While he was in D.C., Suarez got a meeting with Moore's legislative director. He made his case that education is a human right. According to Suarez: "It's inhumane to vote 'no' on the DREAM Act. Many of these students had no say in coming here and to vote 'no' is to punish them."

Cashing in on Congress' spring break, Suarez met with Moore yesterday. The Democrat expressed "unwavering support" for the DREAM Act, Suarez said. Oddly, though, he's not currently a co-sponsor of the bill.

Inside, a Moore staffer told me the congressman had sponsored the bill in the past, but she didn't have a statement on why he wasn't now. Suarez told Moore he'd give the congressman some time to think about signing on as a co-sponsor -- and then give him a friendly jingle in the next couple days to follow-up on his decision.

As for Brownback; no hard feeling from the Facebook dis. Suarez is still trying to get a meeting with both Kansas senators.

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