Clothes Whores Pet Peeve No. 10: The Floater


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Introducing your countdown to KC's 10 most frequent fashion failures. We present No. 10: the Floater.

There are some dudes who cannot abide a head-hugging hat. Rather than pulling it snug, they "float" it, leaving a doofy reservoir of air between cloth and crown.

The result is Exhibit A on the right, whom we caught at the Riot Room for last week's show featuring Ces Cru, Ron Ron and Devin the Dude.

All night, the guy was preoccupied with balancing his hat just so. His date, meanwhile, was intent on dissolving the fabric between her ass and his crotch. No doubt that his genitals were ground into a useless mash of raw flesh by the end of the night, which is what any man wearing the Floater deserves.


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