Mark Parkinson's approval rating bounces back


Mark Parkinson
  • Mark Parkinson

Kansas Republicans last month delighted at a poll result indicating that Gov. Mark Parkinson was becoming unpopular. But a more recent survey by the same polling outfit shows that those who approve of the job he's doing outnumber those who disapprove.

The poll, by Survey USA, puts Parkinson's approval rating at 47 percent, with 38 percent casting a frown and the rest undecided. Parkinson's approval/disapproval ratio was 42/43 in a poll taken in January. 

The Kansas GOP said the January poll reflected distaste for Parkinson's suggestions for raising sales taxes in order to plug budget shortfalls. Kansas Democrats, meanwhile, noted that the poll was conducted before Parkinson proposed the tax increases in his State of the State speech, making the cause-effect claim seem pretty dubious.

Hat tip: Dome on the Range

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