Lose a job? Marmaduke will lick your face for $1


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When joblessness visits a household, a newspaper subscription can seem frivolous. In recognition of this, the Lawrence Journal-World is offering the unemployed an opportunity to take the paper for 13 weeks for just $1.

The deal is available to the those who live within the Journal-World's delivery area. To qualify, interested subscribers need to present a current unemployment statement from the state.

"We want to ensure that residents experiencing difficult times are able to stay connected to the news and be aware of job opportunities and advertising specials published in the paper each day," Chris Bell, the Journal-World's circulation director, told the paper he distributes professionally.

There's something hopeful about the offer. In extending the $1 subscriptions, the Journal-World seems to be saying, "We know you'll find that next job. In the meantime, don't lose the newsprint habit."


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