This week's Pitch and 9 things we learned this week



Yeah, yeah. We know Pellom McDaniels is a former Kansas City Chief. But there's more to the man than his time on the gridiron, as Casey Lyons shows us in this week's feature story, where the ghosts of Kansas City's past come to life.

Also in this week's issue, Martin looks at the latest tiff involving the TIF Commission -- and a $2.2 million surplus.

Harper remembers former Recycled Sounds owner Anne Winter, who committed suicide last week.

Ferruzza pulls double duty with reviews of Frank's Italian Restaurant and Mezzaluna European Cuisine.

And Pitch managing editor Scott Wilson goes over Union Station's Andy Warhol Portfolios: Life & Legends.

On the Plog, we learned that:

Birthers were wrong.

Ron Megee knows a lot about zombies.

Breastfeeding cats tickles.

Making a George Brett in his crappy pants costume is easy.

John Hodgman makes shit up.

Some guy who runs a football is suspended for two weeks.

eBay frowns upon bomb-making recipe auctions.

The Power & Light District's worth fluctuates at Cordish's convenience.

"Uncle" Ed is facing charges.

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