Best Of Extra: Kevin Klinkenberg works to make people happy in Blue Springs


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Kevin Klinkenberg, an architect who is passionate about cities, received a Best Thinker award in last week's Best Of Kansas City issue.

One place that's been receptive to Klinkenberg's new urbanist ideas is Blue Springs. Klinkenberg's firm, 180º Design Studio, did a master plan for the suburb's downtown in 2006. A year later, Klinkenberg and his colleagues worked with city officials on a "form-based" code. Form-based codes focus on outcomes -- nice streets, happy people -- rather than soul-killing details, such as minimum parking requirements.

180º Design's efforts preceded the construction of new homes on the edge of downtown Blue Springs. In this short video (which was produced by Jennings Social Media), Klinkenberg takes a look at the fruits of conscientious planning.

Additional video of Klinkenberg is available at his firm's YouTube channel.


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