Kansas school funding fight resumes


Alan Rupe
  • Alan Rupe

The fight over school funding isn't over in Kansas, The Dodge City Globe reported this morning. Schools for Fair Funding will meet with attorneys Alan Rupe and John Robb in Dodge City on September 22, and they'll be considering whether to sue the state again.

Sounds like they're going to do it:

Rupe said that the gains made by the Montoy decision have been

overturned by recent legislative slashes to education funding, which he

and numerous Kansas educators have termed a violation of both the state

Supreme Court ruling and the Kansas constitution.

"The Legislature cut funding to education by 22 percent,

and more cuts are expected in the coming session," said Rupe. "Nobody

wants to go back to court, but those kinds of cuts leave districts with

no choice."

Rupe said that the state cuts have forced school districts to choose litigation as the lesser of two evils.

"They can either fight the Legislature now to increase funding, or

shift the burden to individual school boards," he said. "And if that

happens, those districts that simply can't afford to shoulder the huge

burden will have no choice but to raise taxes."

Rupe and Robb successfully sued the state leading to a Kansas Supreme Court ruling that forced the state Legislature to increase funding, pumping millions of dollars into school districts across the state.

Via Schoolfinance101 Blog.

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