Jenkins voted for resolution pardoning boxer Jack Johnson, denouncing 'great white hope'


Lynn Jenkins
  • Lynn Jenkins

Kansas Congresswoman Lynn "Where all the white folks at?" Jenkins' naivete defense for using turn-of-the-century racist phrase "great white hope" at a town-hall meeting a couple of weeks ago lost credibility Friday thanks to the Ottawa Herald.

The Herald dug up the Kansas Republican's vote on a resolution asking President Obama to pardon Jack Johnson -- the first black world heavyweight boxing champion -- for violating the Mann Act (Johnson was convicted in 1913 for crossing state lines with white women and having an immoral intent).

The House passed the resolution on July 29 (less than a month before Jenkins pined for a whitey to defeat President Obama) and Jenkins was there to vote for it. Guess what's in the resolution?

Whereas the victory by Jack Johnson over Tommy Burns prompted a search for a White boxer who could beat Jack Johnson, a recruitment effort that was dubbed the search for the 'great white hope'

Ooh, Congresswoman Jenkins. Didn't you read the resolution?

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