You are Dr. George Tiller



As you're stealing company time today, you should swing by the new memorial site The site was created as a memorial not just to Tiller, but to everyone who makes sure abortion is safe, legal, and accessible to those who need it - which has got to be a 
scary proposition these days. The meat of it is testimonials from physicians who practice abortion, volunteers at clinics around the country, and an occasional med student. Here's the testimonial to go with this photo from a woman in St. Louis:

"I am a Jewish college student who is currently applying to Rabbinical School. I am also a Jewish volunteer at a reproductive justice organization. 
Last week, as we held a Faithful Presence in defense of a local abortion clinic, I held this sign. I held this sign because my community believes in women's rights and my sacred texts support such a position. I didn't mean any sort of controversial statement.

"However, the sign did seem to increase the anger of many of the protestors. One of them started yelling at me about how Hitler killing my people was just like the abortions I now 'support.' He failed to recognize the irony of yelling hateful things in order to denounce hate. 

"That kind of false analogy isn't going to sway me. I do this because I'm Jewish, not in spite of it. I'm tired of some people's religious views dictating the reproductive services for all women. My minority religious status teaches me that we must always fight for those (who) are being targeted by an oppressive force - whether that means, Jews, homosexuals, Communists, Gypsies, or, in this case, women and their doctors. 
I am Dr. Tiller."

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