Killa City: Pervis D. Smith Jr. charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Takiya Love


Takiya Love
  • Takiya Love
Pervis D. Smith Jr.
  • Pervis D. Smith Jr.

A man accidentally shot his girlfriend Thursday afternoon while cleaning out a .45-caliber gun, witnesses told police.

Court records 23-year-old Takiya Love told 24-year-old Pervis D. Smith Jr. to stop playing with a gun prior to

the shooting. Smith was ejecting rounds from the chamber of the gun

when the it fired and hit Love in the chest.

One witness told police that Smith may have thought he'd ejected all

the rounds from the gun because he pointed it at Love and pulled the

trigger and the gun fired.

Smith and one of Love's sister drove her to Truman Medical Center after she was shot. She died at the hospital.

Smith was arrest at the hospital. He told police that he was trying to

clean out the .45-caliber gun when it fired off and struck Love.

Detectives described Smith as "distraught" while giving his statement.

Kansas City police classified Love's death as a homicide.

Friday, Jackson County prosecutors charged Smith with involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action in Love's death.

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