Whitlock: Juice up the Royals with Barry Bonds


Barry Bonds
  • Barry Bonds

Sweet baby Jesus, we agree with Grimace-shaped Jason Whitlock. Yesterday, the Kansas City Star columnist wrote that it was time for the Royals to sign Barry Bonds. Well, it's beyond time to sign the jacked up 44-year-old slugger. Back in December 2006, we begged the Royals to inject some life into their pitiful lineup by trading for Bonds.

Alas, general manager Dayton Moore doesn't sound too interested in the former San Francisco slugger. Moore told Whitlock: "Where we are and what we're trying to accomplish with this team, we're comfortable with the makeup of our team."

Although, Moore added that Bond's past problems wouldn't stop the Royals from signing him:

"No," he said. "Not for me."

Damn right it wouldn't stop Moore. Despite claiming in a church talk that he'd sign character guys, Moore sure likes to collect assholes. Hell, he signed Jose Guillen and Sidney Ponson. So what if Bonds likes to rub cream on himself. At least the Royals would sell a shitload of Bonds jerseys.

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