Last Night's Protest





"Bail out the homeless!" Anne Pritchett bellowed into a bullhorn. "Bail out the uninsured!"

While politicians scrambled last night to assemble a $700 billion package to rescue financial institutions and avert a threatened economic meltdown, demonstrators at the intersection of Blue Parkway and Cleveland Avenue hoisted placards and told evening commuters to oppose putting taxpayer money into the hands of mismanaged corporations.

"They're pushing us to do this without any thought," protester Rebecca Brock said of the proposed bailout. "It just sounds like bullshit to me."

"It's a classic example of disaster capitalism," said Doug Greer, who doesn't want the government sticking taxpayers with the bill for the financial sector's self-inflicted problems.

"My grandkids don't need to be paying for this," said Paul Rola, while holding a homemade, over-sized check made out to "Paulson's Pillagers."

Click here for a slideshow of a rush-hour protest that got commuters honking their horns and shouting their support.


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