Hallmark's Latest Layoffs Come with Some Honesty





Hallmark’s announcement this week that it's laying off another 335 workers isn’t big news for a company that has already laid off a quarter of its workforce since 1999. What’s unique about this announcement is Hallmark's candor: The company admitted that it’s sending some of the work to Asia and Mexico.

Current and former Hallmark workers say the company has often masked its layoffs by giving employees bad reviews and then firing them for performance. Hallmarkers say such deceptive layoffs have been common since the late 1990s.

But with this week’s news, which will mostly affect 195 workers at Hallmark's plant in Toronto, was more honest. Hallmark spokeswoman Julie O'Dell told The Toronto Star

: "It has nothing to do with the people or the quality of their work or anything like that. This is just simply a move that we are making to make more efficient use of the production capacity that we have here at our Kansas facilities."

Such honesty is probably of little consolation to employees who’ll be out of work. But at least they won’t be standing in the unemployment line believing it's because they couldn't do their jobs.

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