With Losing Streak at 11, Royals Fans Need to Be Sedated




The song played in the stadium during the first inning last night said it all: "We're Not Going To


Guillen the role model?

Take It Any More" by Twisted Sister.

The Royals lost their 11th in a row last night, with Twins manager Rod Gardenhire damning us in the worst imaginable way: accepting victory by offering pity and condolences.

During the losing streak, Jose Guillen erupted. He described his teammates as "babies" accustomed to failure. He blasted the culture of failure that permeates the Royals organization -- the soft bigotry of low expectations that exists after decades of losing. He used the word "fuck" more than 40 times -- a word uttered more times by Royals fans in the last two weeks.

Like Scott McClellan in the political realm, Guillen is an imperfect truth teller. McClellan should have been forthright earlier; Guillen could have showed up for spring training ready to play and in shape. Whatever our complaints, Guillen, like Scott McClellan, is telling the truth.

Especially the "f-u-c-k" part.

I'm fucking tired of this. Royals fans like me were too fucking listless for too fucking long, too fucking used to the soft bigotry of low expectations of living in a small market. We tolerated failure and the Glass family's indifference for too fucking long -- it wasn't Allard Baird or Buddy Bell's fault then, much as it isn't Trey Hillman or Dayton Moore's fault now. We used to excuse them for not spending more of their money -- but, since we subsidized their stadium, it is really our fucking money they should be spending on payroll and the Royals farm system. Most of all, we tolerated their emphasis of over promoting a shabby product -- to the point where thousands of fans tonight wore a powder blue jersey featuring a player sent down to the minors hours before the game.

Nothing changed tonight, despite sending the underachieving Billy Butler to Omaha. The Glasses may or may not spend money during June's amateur draft. We lost our 11th game in our row. Jose Guillen made the last out.

The song played before the ninth inning as the Royals trailed 5-0?

"I Wanna Be Sedated" by the Ramones.

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