Daily Briefs: Bombardiers Rock, Repair Work With a Pistol, Laura Can Read




Suck it, Wichita. If you believe everything you read on Wikipedia — and why shouldn’t

you? — we get the word bombardier from Joseph-Armand Bombardier, a Quebec mechanic “who dreamt of building a vehicle that could ‘float on snow.’ In 1937, he designed and produced his first snowmobile in his small repair shop in Valcourt, Quebec.” So without Bombardier, we wouldn’t have that supercool vehicle that they use to get out to the hotel in The Shining.

We also wouldn’t have the airplane factory that might be coming to

Kansas City soon — a factory that’s giving bombardier-sized hard-ons to every local economic development type. Not everybody’s so excited. Over at BlogKC, they wonder if it’s smart giving tax breaks to an industry that’s in the shitter, and a shitter the size of a broom closet at that.

Speaking of being in deep shit. A Deepwater man could face a manslaughter charge after accidentally shooting his wife while trying to install a satellite dish. It seems Ronald Long shot his wife, Patsy, after using a .22-caliber gun to make a hole in the roof. If Long is charged, at least prisons have cable.


Bad things happen when Bushes read.The first lady came to Olathe on Tuesday to read to schoolkids. No word on what she was reading, but let’s hope it wasn’t My Pet Goat.

Now they’ve jinxed them. Mathematicians from South Carolina, who apparently have picked KU on their basketball brackets, say they’ve worked out a mathematical formula to show that the Jayhawks should win it all this year. Daily Briefs has been given an exclusive look at this formula, which shows a different outcome for KU.


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