The Sexy Cop, Revealed



No doubt, it's hard to be single in Kansas City. That's evident in the fact that whenever we run a pretty woman on the cover of The Pitch, we're sure to get e-mails from dudes with crushes. That happened back in January when we ran this story on the smokiest bars in town, and a sultry-looking girl on the cover puffed away, luring readers to request her seven digits.

Mostly, they sound pretty innocuous, with something about being a nice guy, how it's hard to meet women in this town, how he just wants to get to know that model because she looks like she's smart.

We've gotten the same kind of messages this week, seeking the contact info for Kara McMurtry, who appears in a low-cut cop outfit while biting a pair of handcuffs for the article "Sex Police."

Well, here's Kara.


Check out her MySpace page for a complete bio. But the short version is that McMurtry recently moved back to Missouri after spending six months living in South Beach, where she appeared as "Rich Girl No. 1" in Miami Vice. The 21-year-old is raising her first son and working on a budding photography business. For those who want to contact her because she looks like she shares your interest in books, there's bad news. McMurtry is happily married.

Guess that proves the point that it's hard to be single in Kansas City. -- Eric Barton

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