Pay Attention, Beth



Beth Gottstein leads the competition for New Kansas City Council Member Most Likely to Say Something Strange.


At the May 17 business session, consultants presented an analysis of economic development in Kansas City. The analysis included examples of the tools other cities in the U.S. use to foster growth.

The consultants discussed their findings for about 30 minutes. Then Mayor Funkhouser opened up the discussion.

When it was her turn to speak, Councilwoman Gottstein faulted the consultants for putting information about San Francisco and Washington, D.C., in their report. "I'd love to know what Minneapolis is doing, or some of the other cities in the Midwest," she said.

Gottstein spoke as if the consultants had compared Kansas City only to large cities on the coasts. But their written report also describes what is happening in pretty-similar-to-KC places such as Cleveland, Denver, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City and Columbus, Ohio.

Kansas City and Indianapolis, in fact, could pass for twins. The cities share the same latitude (39°), number of major pro sports teams (two) and expansive city limits (300+ square miles).

Then again, Peyton Manning, Indianapolis’ Super Bowl-winning quarterback, is five inches taller than Len Dawson was during his playing days. – David Martin


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