What is that hard, pingpong-ball-size thing in my bag of potato chips?



A couple of weeks ago, I was getting lunch at a local deli. I ordered what I always do - half a meatball sub and a salad - and I grabbed a bag of cracked-pepper-and-sea-salt potato chips. Dirty brand. Because I love that brand's chips. The bag promises "all natural," kettle-cooked chips, prepared "in a premium peanut-oil blend for a crunchier, tastier potato chip!" And they usually are crunchy and tasty and worth a buck or so.


But when I popped open this particular bag and put the first chip in my mouth, it was soggy. I spit it out. Then I noticed that all of the chips inside were mushy - except for a round, hard object the size of a pingpong ball.

I pulled it out and found this:


I called the Dirty folks in Gramercy, Louisiana. I had questions, but the guy in customer service had more. How big is the ball? Is it hard? What size of bag is it in? What's the date on the bag?

The guy told me that the ball was likely a chip - one that had been missed by the quality-control folks. He offered to send me a certificate for a free bag of chips. He also said he'd send a self-addressed stamped envelope. He wanted to see the ball for himself. I told him: It is pretty impressive. Like, there's dirty, and then there's weaponized.

Not that I won't spend that gift certificate immediately after I get it.

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