Chickie's and Pete's headed to Worlds of Fun and Arrowhead?



These are the Pringles of fries.
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  • These are the Pringles of fries.
We're not just getting a taste of Philadelphia from whatever came across the transom in Andy Reid's mustache. Fooboz has the news that Chickie's and Pete's - a Philly sports bar - is heading west to Missouri.

Chickie's & Pete's will apparently have a pavilion at Worlds of Fun that serves "Crabfries, traditional and lobster cheesesteaks, and cheesesteak nachos." Fooboz also reported that the Philly import is talking to the Kansas City Chiefs about a possible outpost at Arrowhead Stadium. For the unitiated, Crabfries are crinkle-cut fries with Old Bay seasoning served with a white cream-cheese sauce (which Eater Philly posits is watered down American cheese). Now let us hope that they figure out a way to bring some Yuengling with them.

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