KC's Health Department finds the city's cleanest kitchens



Never underestimate the value of a clean sink.
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  • Never underestimate the value of a clean sink.
A restaurant is a keeper if after touring the kitchen, you still want to eat there. Absent a chef's table, the next best thing to seeing a kitchen is the Kansas City Health Department's annual list of Grade A Food Excellence Awards for 2013 (which recognizes restaurants, convenience stores, schools, airport vendors, and stadium food-service operations for outstanding cleanliness in 2012).

The rankings are based on the results of Health Department inspections. The establishments that make the list are up-to-date on permits, they didn't give anybody a food-borne illness and they were below the minimum threshold of violations. The Health Department only gives out A's, so Fat City thought we would wade through the results to tell you where to dine if cleanliness is next to tastiness in your book.

When it comes to restaurants, Andre's Confiserie Suise, Carniceria Lupe, Fud, Harold's Drive-In, Kaiyo, Paul's Drive-In, the Uptown Arts Bar, and You Say Tomato all had top marks. Seasons 52 was the only kitchen on the Plaza to get an 'A.'

As for convenience stores, you want to eat at the 7-Eleven at 3150 Gillham. It was the only 7-Eleven to make the list. The doughnuts at Casey's General Store at 11550 N. Main should be fine, as well. But QuikTrip is far and away the category leader with a dozen area locations making the list.

If you're jonesing for fast food, the Arby's at 8261 N. Oxford Avenue, the Burger Kings at 9650 N.E. Barry Road and 3441 Main, Chipotle at 8600 N. Boardwalk, Denny's at 3832 Blue Ridge Cutoff, KFC/Pizza Hut Express at 1111 Main, and the McDonald's at 11001 Hickman Mills Drive are safe bets.

And to all of you considering summer employment at Worlds of Fun, the employee cafeteria met the city's highest standards.

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