Boulevard's Harvest Dance waltzes on to shelves this week



Boulevard tangos again with Harvest Dance.
  • Boulevard tangos again with Harvest Dance.
For those who feel weighed down by dark, thick winter lagers (those who love stouts, however, may want to check out Flying Saucer's Stout Week which begins tonight), Boulevard has a pleasing alternative. Harvest Dance Wheat Wine, a winter Smokestack Series seasonal, should be on shelves starting today.

Boulevard gave Fat City a bottle, and we uncorked the Jurassic Park-amber-colored beer and got to work. The head was substantial and at 9.1 percent ABV, the brew itself is no less potent. There were notes of citrus, orange peel especially, right off the bat, and the finish was crisp and dry. Boulevard suggests that this will pair well with pumpkin dishes, and I'm thinking a big plate of pumpkin risotto sounds about right. Those with wine-drinking friends should consider this a gateway beer to bring them onboard.

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