Five bars where you should be watching sports



The chicken wings at Macs Sports Pub pair nicely with football.
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  • The chicken wings at Mac's Sports Pub pair nicely with football.
Sports are best served in high definition with cold beer and hot wings. I could even live without wings if the other two arms of the triumvirate are done right. After the jump, Fat City has put together a list of the five sports bars where you should be watching the game this Sunday.

5. The Caddy Shack (700 E. Third St.). The only knock on this dive bar was that it was shuttered on Sundays. That's no longer the case, and they still have thin-crust pizza that is a perfect thing to order with your third round of beer.

4. Chappell's Restaurant & Sports Museum (323 Armour Road). Chicken fingers and football helmets hanging from the ceiling. If this isn't a sports bar, I don't what is...

3. Kelly's Westport Inn (500 Westport Road). The addition of the deck with flat screens means that you can be watching football outdoors in the fall — the best season Kansas City has to offer.

2. Mac's Sports Pub (9617 W. 87th St., Overland Park). There are enough televisions to overload your senses and a heap of fried and cheese-covered (or cheese-filled) options.

1. The 9th Inning Sports Bar & Grill (1512 E. 18th St.). The new sports bar opened this summer, and with a plethora of Kansas City sports memorabilia and Negro Leagues ephemera, it's as interesting a spot as whatever game you're watching.

Where's your go-to sports bar for catching a game?

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