What's your celebration food?



The prime rib sandwich at Orange Box.
  • The prime rib sandwich at Orange Box.
Lunch yesterday was meant to be a sandwich on the go — it somehow ended up being half of a prime rib sandwich with a side of watermelon basil salad.

"You look like a prime rib guy," chef Scott Welsch said when I asked if he had any recommendations for lunch after I walked into his lunch spot, Orange Box (2700 Jarboe).

Everybody is a prime rib guy, particularly the way Welsch prepares it, rare with plenty of horseradish. Although at $11 with a side (the prime rib slice was nearly two fingers wide), perhaps not a prime rib guy every day. I used half my sandwich to buy myself some good will with our photo department and the other half to celebrate three years at The Pitch.

When you're celebrating, what's your go-to food?

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