What is the well-dressed wine drinker carrying this fall?

Transport your wine in style.


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Its not a Chanel or a Judith Leiber bag, but it has something extra.
  • It's not a Chanel or a Judith Leiber bag, but it has something extra.

It's never unfashionable for a well-appointed woman (or male, for that matter) to pull out a small silver flask — artfully concealed, of course — at a black-tie affair or business-casual social function for a quick snort of booze. It's been a Kansas City tradition since the Pendergast era. It's all perfectly acceptable as long as the flask is real silver (plate will never do) and the drinker pulls it off with a sense of confidence and elan.

But what about a bottle of wine concealed in a purse? Or a wine flagon that actually looks something like a designer purse? Would it be gauche to bring it along, say, to the Symphony Ball or the Jewel Ball? I asked Nancy Sachse, the editor at The Independent, Kansas City's Journal of Society if it would be in bad taste to arrive at the Symphony Ball carrying one of Volere Wines' new "premium wine-in-purse" products. Sachse could not stop laughing long enough to answer the question.

The Italian winemakers Cantina di Soave are marketing the wine-in-a-handbag product in three stylish colors — creamy taupe, Mandarin red, and pale pink — to match or contrast with any possible haute couture shade. Each purse holds the equivalent of two bottles of wine and is "fashion forward" according to the product's New York-based publicist. Each bag boasts a cleverly concealed spout, retails for $14.99, and is filled with one of three Volere vintages: Pinot Grigio, Rose, and Merlot Pinot Noir.


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