Oklahoma Joe's is among the nominees for Men's Health's Manliest BBQ Restaurants



Thump your chest, then delicately click your mouse to vote.
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  • Thump your chest, then delicately click your mouse to vote.
Man make fire. Another man kill beast. Third man deliver carefully portioned parcels of beast in timely fashion to be smoked over fire. Insert Tim Allen noise here. Oklahoma Joe's, by the very nature of its existence, has been included in Men's Health search for the Manliest Restaurants in America 2012.

It's one of five barbecue joints you can vote for on their site. The other nominees are the Woodshed Smokehouse in Fort Worth, Texas, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Syracuse, New York, Cozy Corner Restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee, and Scott's Bar-B-Que in Hemingway, South Carolina.

Oklahoma Joe's apparently got the nod for two reasons — volume and the novelty of cooking of 'cue in a gas station. Per Men's Health:

Last year Oklahoma Joe's sold 400,000 pounds of brisket. That's in addition to hundreds of thousands of pounds of ribs, pulled pork, chicken, and sausage. Even at that volume, it's some of the best damn barbecue that will ever stain your lips. More than two decades ago, before he was slinging 'cue in Kansas City, Jeff Stehney entered the world of competitive barbecue, sweeping countless tournaments. Between tourneys, Jeff and his wife Joy stored supplies at a local gas station. When that gas station went up for sale, they bought it, keeping the pumps and convenience store open and selling barbecue from a counter in the back. Today, the restaurant occupies three locations, but the original counter still serves daily commuters. "We're still a neighborhood joint," says Doug Worgul, who joined Oklahoma Joe's in 2009. "People come in to fill their tanks in the morning and then swing back by for dinner at night."

The online voting ends Tuesday, July 31 at midnight. The winners in the nine categories will be featured in the December issue of the magazine and on a Travel Channel special. This is the second time the Men's Health has searched for places that allow men to feel something by eating. Last year, Kansas City didn't have any nominations in the Midwest category.

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