Kauffman Stadium goes from the 'K' to the 'Q' for All-Star weekend


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The All-Star BBQ Dog is a hot dog topped with pulled pork.
  • Hayley Bartels
  • The All-Star BBQ Dog is a hot dog topped with pulled pork.
For a city that loves its barbecue, it shouldn't be any surprise where it turns when it's time to show off. In anticipation for the 37th All-Star Game, Aramark Executive Chef Erin Wishon has given the traditional ballpark menu an All-Star makeover showcasing the city's local flavor. The Pitch had a chance to sample that menu at a recent preview event. Click here or the picture above for photos by Hayley Bartels.

One of the signature barbecue dishes featured at Kauffman Stadium for the game, the All Star BBQ Dog, gives you everything you came for: some baseball and some barbecue. Pulled pork on a premium, all-beef hot dog, topped with coleslaw, pickle slices and barbecue sauce, gives a Kansas City twist on a traditional ballpark staple.

The coleslaw makes an excellent topping choice instead of traditional relish and keeps with the barbecue theme. It's the perfect amount of creamy and sweet atop the hot dog and smoked pork; meanwhile, the pickles give that needed crunch and texture. And the best part is, it's easy to eat, which cannot be said for some of the other barbecue dishes, so you can watch the game without a distracting mess. And never fear, Wishon and team will smoke all barbecued meats at the ballpark. They expect to smoke more than 1,800 pounds of pulled pork alone. So if you're headed to the game July 10, go hungry.


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