Orange Box's Scott Welsch, Part Three: There's no place like Cairo


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Bacon cheeseburger, anyone?
The grill will be sizzling outside Orange Box today, with homemade veggie, turkey and beef burgers, as it is every Friday at 2700 Jarboe. Chef and owner Scott Welsch shared his vision for his month-old restaurant on Wednesday, and yesterday he made his case for who has the best bowl of pho in Kansas City. Today, he explains why his dream eating destination doesn't involve what he ate, but where he ate it.

The Pitch: What's your dream drinking or eating destination?

Welsch: It was late in the evening [in Cairo], and eight of us pile in this Volkswagen station wagon. There's an ancient old man with a beard. He looks 140 and he speaks no English. And off we go into the night. The traffic was beyond scary.

We're headed for some place that was in The New Yorker, and we've been having a few drinks. It's like driving through an old movie about Egypt. There's housing packed in and camels and dogs everywhere. There's a whole herd of donkeys right in the middle of the city, and we're moving in and out of back streets.

Finally, we pull up to the place. I get out and I have no idea where I am. It looks like a Third World lawyer's office. We walk up three flights of stairs, and an entire side of the restaurant is open-air. And suddenly, there are the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. I still get goose bumps. We sat right next to the banister. I had an incredible meal. I can't remember what we ate. I just remember that view. It was just perfect like no other place in the world.


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