Sorry, Whataburger fans, there's no KC restaurant in the works right now



Sorry, theres not going to one near you (at least not in the near future).
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  • Sorry, there's not going to be one near you (at least not in the near future).
Twitter has a way of codifying rumors — taking a hopeful tweet and spinning it into a small frenzy of happy online folks who, in the span of a weekend, turn my Twitter feed into a cartwheeling celebration trumpeting the arrival of Whataburger in Kansas City. While I don't doubt the love for the Texas-based chain, I didn't think Twitter was breaking news this time.

"I don't have any information on that currently," said a Whataburger spokesperson when I contacted their media hot line.

I'm sorry I don't have better news for fans of the Whatacatch (Whataburger's fish filet sandwich) that is still at least four and a half hours away in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Whataburger is perhaps on our minds because of Kansas State's appearance in the Cotton Bowl — there are 19 locations in Dallas alone — and Lunch Blog KC's attempts to build a Whatafarm (a burger, fried chicken, bacon and fried-egg sandwich).

I did leave my contact information, so if a Whataburger is actually in the works in the Kansas City area (the spokesperson suggested that the first sign of this would be in the zoning process), you'll be the first to know.

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