Around the stove: Pumpkin ravioli, Bluestem and Toddy Stout


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The bigger the pumpkin? The more ravioli.
  • Karmic Kitchen
  • The bigger the pumpkin? The more ravioli.
We're living in the golden era of food photography and news — it's a righteous time to be a good eater. And beyond what's in this space, there has been an avalanche of crave-worthy posts the past week. A brief compendium of the top results is after the jump. Just make your lunch plans before you click through because you'll be hungry after this round of delicious procrastination.

How a pumpkin becomes a ravioli. The Karmic Kitchen went inside the kitchen of Lidia's Kansas City to watch how an 80-pound pumpkin is transformed into fresh pasta.

A Day at Bluestem. This two-minute video captures the sights and sounds of the Westport kitchen and its staff.

A bit of buzz. Toddy Stout returns to McCoy's Public House. This is the Westport bar's collaboration with the Broadway Roasting Co. that they just can't keep on the taps because folks keep drinking it like it's coffee, a whole bunch of cups in a sitting.

Row, Row, Row Your Brew. KC Beer Blog notes that Six Row, a St. Louis microbrewery, is going to be distributing statewide in Missouri beginning in January, meaning their Whale (American Pale Wheat Ale) should be available next month.

Suck It, Foodies. Hip Suburban White Guy tees off on "Foodies" and just wants to dine at Stroud's in peace.


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