Are reality cooking shows ruining our ability to enjoy food?



Do you see these faces when you dine out?
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  • Do you see these faces when you dine out?
Have we lost the ability to enjoy a simple meal because we can't stop judging what we're eating? That's one of the questions raised in this week's Deadspin Funbag. As Jason laments:

Since we started watching food shows, my fiancee and I suddenly turn into douchebag judges and feel the need to critique everything.

During the past year of local chef interviews, no topic has been more polarizing than reality television. Some chefs would gladly take a turn on television in order to raise their profiles in the kitchen, while others don't even own a remote control. All have suggested in some fashion that what's shown on television is complicating their relationship with diners. Are reality cooking shows eroding our capacity to enjoy a dish without critiquing various aspects?

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