Hold on to your pancreas, the McRib is back



You cant outrun the McRib.
  • The Caged Ham
  • You can't outrun the McRib.
Meat Christmas comes early this year. The McRib is at every single McDonald's location until November 14. It's a move that has to be overloading the McRib locator — a search engine designed to help people track down the normally elusive, limited-time offering.

Amid the clamor for pressed meat, one writer has decided to stake a stand — and because she's from out-of-town, she has to be objective, right? L.A. Times travel writer Catharine Hamm exhorts people to try real barbecue in her latest piece (a tip of the hat for recognizing that proper joints sit on both sides of State Line):

Before I became a real barbecue aficionado, I tried the McRib — it’s been around since 1982 — and even then I thought it was wanting, to be kind about it. If you want barbecue, save your money and fly to Kansas City — Kansas or Missouri. Both have fantastic barbecue.

Hamm, even just her surname, sounds like a woman born to judge barbecue. I'll confess that I've never let a McRib move its way through my digestive track, and I'm not eager to go whole-hog at the drive-thru. Someone, anyone, please explain the outpouring of love for the ribless sandwich. Have I bought into the media hype (this post included), or is the McRib an American treasure?

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