Stroud's shares recipe for 'perfect fried chicken' with Joplin Globe



Strouds makes people feel like this...
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  • Stroud's makes people feel like this ...
The recipe for Stroud's fried chicken has never been a big secret. The restaurant has long claimed that fried chicken is simply chicken dredged in flour, salt and pepper. The ingredients are not a big deal because Stroud's has (rightly) maintained that great fried chicken is more likely a result of how well it's cooked. And there's an argument to be made that Stroud's is the best in the country at pan-frying a piece of chicken. Yesterday, in The Joplin Globe, Tammy Ruff, the manager of the Oak Ridge Manor location, laid out exactly what to do if you're trying to make the eat-it-at-home version.

Among the revelations in the piece is that Stroud's might be pan-frying as many as 192 pieces of chicken simultaneously. But considering you've got to spend 18 months in the kitchen before you're allowed to oversee the chicken, maybe you should just start with a single skillet.

The Joplin Globe gives pretty detailed instructions on how Stroud's makes the signature dish:

The key to tasty fried chicken, Ruff insists, is in the frying. The oil in a pan for Stroud’s chicken is heated over a medium high gas flame. When placing the chicken one piece at time into a pan, it’s important that the oil cover one half of the chicken. If the oil is too shallow, the chicken won’t cook through, Ruff said. It takes about 25 to 30 minutes to cook a pan of Stroud’s chicken.

Although the article doesn't specify a type of oil, Man v. Food host Adam Richman noted that it was soybean oil on last year's Kansas City episode that featured the chicken restaurant. Stroud's has long been proud of its home cooking; now you can bring that cooking into your home.

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