Tropicana's banana popsicles will cool you off



A guava and banana popsicle are a proper double dip.
  • A guava and banana popsicle makes a proper double dip.
Banana-flavored goods are all too often tales of disappointment. The banana is too prominent or hyper-present, like a dessert form of Laffy Taffy. But the banana paletas (popsicles) at the West Side's Paleteria Tropicana (830 Southwest Boulevard) strike the right balance at a very wallet-friendly price of $1.79.

The smooth, milk-based popsicles (you can also get fruit-based options like the guava one pictured above with chunks of fruit embedded in a slightly icy pop) are creamy with the subtle flavor of banana. If your lips are tingling from one of the small plates at La Bodega or you feel adventurous and decide to go for the mango with chile popsicle, the banana paleta will help put out the heat.

Tropicana Paleteria serves popsicles, ice creams, churros, nachos, aguas frescas and frozen bananas. The shop is open daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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