A different kind of Truck Stop begins in the Crossroads tomorrow


This Crossroads lot will be an unofficial truck stop tomorrow.
  • This Crossroads lot will be an unofficial truck stop tomorrow.

The Webster's Dictionary defines a truck stop as a "commercial facility that provides fuel, parking, and usually food and other services to long-haul trucks. Truck stops are usually located on or near a busy road ... "

That's not exactly how one might describe the vacant lot at the corner of 21st Street and Wyandotte in the Crossroads, but starting tomorrow night, it will take on at least two components of a classic highway fueling station:There will be trucks. And food will be provided.

The owners of the vacant lot, Copaken Brooks Development, have invited a number of local food-truck owners -- Los Tules, Curbside Cuisine, CoffeeCakeKC, Good You, and Jerusalem Cafe among them -- to park in the lot and serve their specialties tomorrow night from 6 to 11 p.m. for First Friday festivities.

Developer Jon Copaken got the idea for such a First Friday food fest from local blogger Jenny Vergara, who is helping organize the vendors. Vergara told Fat City that Copaken will be providing several picnic tables so that First Friday revelers will have a place to sit and eat. "Our hope is that this can eventually turn into a regular weekend event or, at least, a regular First Friday feature during the summer months," Vergara says.

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