Tom Watson's Guide to Kansas City will have you at Stroud's and Jess & Jim's


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A steak as big as your face from Jess & Jim's.
  • A steak as big as your face from Jess & Jim's.

You can tell a lot by where a man chooses to rest his fork and knife. Kansas City's own Tom Watson was recently interviewed by Golf Digest for its My Town series, wherein a pro golfer offers a succinct travel guide to their city.

And in between recommending the Negro Leagues Baseball Hall of Fame and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Watson showed, with a host of feel-good, home-cooking restaurant suggestions, why "he is comfortable in the congenial and plain-spoken Midwestern atmosphere."

Watson let it be known that he's a true carnivore with four meat-centric spots that are hard to disagree with:

My favorite meal has always been fried chicken. Stroud's has been honored by the James Beard Foundation and other food critics and is known for generous family-style portions.
Arthur Bryant's gets his vote for barbecue, while he shows a soft side for the grand old steakhouses in town -- encouraging people to go to Jess & Jims and the Savoy Grill. It's nice to see loyalty from a hometown sports hero, and the places he singles out are like Watson -- they've managed to stand the test of time.


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