The Atlantic believes the Royals are better than the Yankees


KC Ribeye Stack is part of Kauffman's food makeover.
  • KC Ribeye Stack is part of Kauffman's food makeover.

The Royals are better than the Yankees. I'll give you a moment to process that thought.

The Atlantic's Hampton Stevens (who lives here in Kansas City, Missouri) makes the case for why your Kansas City Royals are better than the New York Yankees, and buried within the stats on cost of wins, shortstop ability and the age of the respective teams, is a fine tidbit on the cuisines at the respective stadiums. It turns out, there is something at Kauffman Stadium that is the linchpin to this whole argument.

The secret to the Royals success is just down the left-field line according to Stevens:

If the Royals could somehow manage a .500 record, the city's victory-starved fans would likely dance naked in the aisles of Kauffman. Figuratively, of course. We hope. Despite a vast selection of frou-frou chow, Yankee Stadium doesn't sell the James Beard- and Zagat Award-winning pan fried chicken from Stroud's Restaurant that Kauffman does. Which helps explain why KC always makes that America's Fattest Cities list, and why any Royals' fans dancing in the aisles probably ought to leave their clothes.

While the shout-out to Stroud's is nice, the limeade from Topsy's would likely be my lead-off hitter. And as for the general attractiveness or sveltitude of the fanbases, I'll just say I've lived in New York, and the crowd is likely to be filled with many people whom you would rather not see dance in the fashion that Stevens suggests.

Stephens also missed the most powerful argument in appealing to true baseball fans. The last time I paid for a beer at the new Yankee Stadium, I forked over $11. If that's not losing, I don't know what is.

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