The Waffle Sandwich -- eat It, marry It or trash It?


It's OK to be stymied by this sandwich.
  • It's OK to be stymied by this sandwich.

When the McGriddle arrived in 2003, I said nothing. What's the harm in a pancake sandwich? But that one sweet-savory meat pile opened the floodgates to sandwiches composed of breakfast items. And nearly a decade later, we're facing the waffle-ing. 

Now, I'd be lying if I said I hadn't taken a waffle and made a makeshift sandwich out of eggs and bacon in an attempt to make my First Watch experience move a little faster. Dunkin' Donuts, in addition to going public, has released a blueberry-waffle sandwich with eggs and cheese and sausage or bacon (Serious Eats suggests you pass). 

Purists might suggest that the only waffle should be in the fries, but as breakfast morphs into lunch, we've got to decide where to draw the line. Waffle sandwich -- eat it, marry it or trash it?

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