The Five Hottest Restaurateurs in Kansas City


We confess that Westport Cafe's Aaron Confessori is a hearthrob; read more about him below.
  • We confess that Westport Cafe's Aaron Confessori is a hearthrob; read more about him below.

All right, there are more than five, come to think of it. (I just realized that we're leaving out potential candidates such as Nicholas Grunauer of Grunauer, Sam Silvio of Em Chamas, Ted Habiger of Room 39, Michael Smith of the restaurant of the same name and -- well, God only knows how many others.) And then there are the female restaurant owners, too. But that's a list that someone other than this writer should compile.

It goes without saying that every restaurant has an individual dish that stands out. In some cases, the dish might just be the owner. So go ahead and visit these local hot spots and try to catch a glimpse of one of our caliente crushes. To quote Amy Adams' incarnation of Julie Powell in the 2009 film Julie and Julia: "I read somewhere that it was bad form to say 'yum' while you're eating, but yum."

5. Aaron Confessori of Westport Cafe
Tall, dark and handsome, like Charles Ferruzza's cup of French-press coffee, with a small-town sweetness that makes us want to take him home to mom.

4. Jeff Peterson of Fazenda

We may not be able to afford all of him if he costs $7.49 a pound like

his Brazilian churrascaria buffet, but perhaps we can get a little taste.
3. Tony Olsen of Neighborhood Cafe

If Tony Olsen moved in next door to us, we'd let him borrow a cup of sugar for Neighborhood Cafe's legendary cinnamon rolls anytime.
2&1. Bret Springs and Zach Marten of Coal Vines
If Coal Vines offered man candy on the menu, this picture would be next to it. But unlike a good chunk of the food, according to Charles Ferruzza, we're hoping that these guys are as satisfying to the other senses as they are to behold.  

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