Chapala Restaurante Mexicano changes its hours: no more dinner



Fat City received a phone call this week from Ritchie, who was introduced to the Chapala restaurant at 5224 Truman Road after reading last month's review of the restaurant in The Pitch.

"I've eaten at Chapala several times since I first read about it and I love it," he said, "but my wife and I took some friends to the restaurant last Saturday night, and it was closed. Did the restaurant close for good?"

No, but owner Marta Senda has cut back her hours recently. Chapala is a family-operated restaurant in every way; almost all the employees have been family members, and Senda's primary server was her daughter, Irene, who left the restaurant business last month to join the United States Army. Another server, a nephew, took another job, too.

"I also take care of one of my grandchildren," Senda says, "so it was getting to be very stressful."

Chapala now serves food Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

"But if a customer makes a reservation for a party of 10 or more," Senda says, "I'll stay open for them."

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